Technetics Acquires Fabrico – One of the World’s Largest Suppliers of Gas Turbine Combustion Components

The acquisition of Fabrico, Inc. gives Technetics Group a new global footprint in the industrial turbine market.

Fabrico focuses on the combustion and hot gas path sections in turbines, specifically the manufacture of seals (spring seals, flat seals, TP seals, brush seals), impingement tubes and plates, cap assembly components, combustion liner and transition piece hardware, as well as fuel nozzle components and assemblies.

These parts are critical in helping customers improve combustion efficiency and lengthen turbine service intervals. Fabrico is globally recognized for manufacturing components with exceptional performance and durability under extreme conditions, including high-tolerance parts that use exotic alloys such as Inconel® and Hastelloy®. With recent investments in engineering talent and tools, the company is also the preferred partner for customers looking to rapidly develop and expand the use of new market technologies.

Technetics Group is proud to welcome Fabrico, Inc. to the EnPro family.

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