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Plate Seals

Made from a wide range of high-performance elastomers, Technetics Group molded solutions meet the critical temperature, chemical and mechanical requirements of the following industries: nuclear, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and aerospace. Our production capacity, combined with our numerical simulation resources (finite element analysis), allows simple or complex 1500mm x 1500mm parts, including molded sheets, O-rings, shaft seals, technical parts, shaped parts and more.

It is also possible to over-mold the elastomer on an anodized aluminum or nickel coated frame or other rigid plastic plate seals. This technology enables perfect positioning between the elements to be sealed, regardless of the orientation and accessibility of the seal.

Our molded and over-molded seals can meet the requirements of critical static and dynamic applications, including:

  • Temperature: from -100°C to +300°C (from -148°F to 572°F)
  • Pressure: from vacuum (10-6 bar) to several hundred bar
  • Media: various atmospheres or fluids (hydrocarbons , bases, acids, corrosive gas, etc.)

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