Hot Gas Path Components

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Hot Gas Path Components

Designed to deliver unparalleled durability and protection — even in the most extreme environments.

Technetics designs and manufactures a variety of high-performance seals and vane inserts for industrial turbine applications. Our engineering, fabrication and inspection/testing capabilities allow us to respond to a wide range of industrial turbine needs, often identifying ways to improve over previous designs. We use exotic alloy raw materials, including Inconel®, Monel® and Hastelloy®, along with ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 manufacturing practices to ensure consistency, quality and safety in every part we produce.

Hot Gas Path Components include:

  • Brush Seals
  • Cloth Seals
  • Machined Seals
  • Impingement Tubes/Plates & Vane Assemblies