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Technetics offers a full line of fabrication and metal machining capabilities – ranging from cutting, punching and forming to welding, heat treating and finishing. From precision components to intricate parts, Technetics Group can build whatever it is your engineering department dreams up.

Technetics is proud to provide extensive in-house inspection and testing capabilities, including a fully equipped dimensional inspection department, to ensure high-tolerance conformance for a wide range of components and assemblies.

Innovative technologies and a truly superior dedication to product quality make Technetics the best choice when requiring professional fabrication and machining services.

We offer the following metal machining and fabrication services:
  • Forming – press brakes from 75 to 400 tons, rolling, custom specialty sizing machines
  • Punching and Stamping – CNC turret punches
  • Cutting – laser, water jet, shearing, sawing, oxy fuel and plasma arc
  • Heat Treating – vacuum furnace
  • Custom Welding – manual, semi- and fully-automatic, plasma, GTAW, spot and continuous resistance systems
  • Finishing – grinding, tumbling, polishing
  • Blasting – grit, sand and glass bead
  • CNC Machining – turning, vertical machining, large and small
We focus on components made from stainless steel and nickel-cobalt exotic alloys, such as:
  • Hastelloy® (All Grades)
  • HS-188
  • Incoly (All Grades)
  • Inconel® (All Grades)
  • L605
  • X-750
For more information on Metal Machining & Fabrication please contact a Technetics industry representative for a solution that is custom-fit to your application.