Advanced Textures (Metal and Ceramic)

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Advanced Texture Solutions

A challenge that many designers face is the bonding or joining of dissimilar materials.

Whether it is a bone/metal joint in a biomedical application, the adhesion of highly stressed compressive or tensile films deposited on process kits in semiconductor applications, or the mating substrates for bonded aerospace structures, the interfacing features are critical to the success of the component or sub-assembly.

Technetics Group has developed several patented technologies for these and other applications that provide improved performance over existing technologies.

New texturing technologies currently in development

Quartz, ceramics and other brittle materials have always posed particular challenges for component designers seeking an optimized surface texture.

Traditional manufacturing techniques such as green state machining, post firing grinding or laser texturing are very expensive, limited in application and can introduce microscopic cracks resulting in early-life failure.


Feature Benefits

  • High surface area, extreme roughness
  • Nearly any material can be textured
    (ie metal, glass, ceramic)
  • Shape, pattern and amplitude of features infinitely variable
  • Re-entrant cavity profile possible for anchoring applications
  • CNC controlled and repeatable
  • Ultra clean


  • High surface area for improved heat transfer surfaces (convection or radiation)
  • Improved stress isolation of highly compressive/tensile deposited films leading to improved adhesion
  • Locking features for improved strength of bonded joints


  • Semiconductor Equipment
  • Industrial components
  • Medical Devices
  • Aerospace components
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