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Maintenance free, lightweight accumulator ideal for ‘hard to access’ Oil and Gas applications

Technetics Group has introduced its new weight saving Composite Overwrap Accumulator, designed specifically for Oil and Gas applications where maintenance access is limited and reliability is critical. The new accumulator extends the well proven, high performance range of engineered components from Technetics Group.

Typical Oil and Gas sector applications for Technetics accumulators include Blowout Preventers (BOPs) where instant on demand hydraulic actuation is critical to operational safety. Accumulators ensure hydraulic pressure is there when required and allow pumps to be smaller – a key factor in today’s drive for weight saving.

Weighing in at approximately 1.5kgs, the Technetics Composite Overwrap Accumulator is 66% lighter than an equivalent high-strength steel accumulator. Weight reduction is achieved by applying a carbon fibre overwrap to the outside of the accumulator’s metal liner. The lightweight fibres carry the load instead of a heavier metallic vessel.

The new lightweight accumulator uses Technetic Group’s well proven BELFAB® edge welded metal bellows available in either titanium, for specific critical applications, or stainless steel. BELFAB® bellows are long lasting, and have been tested to withstand 10 million full stroke cycles.

Unlike accumulators that use bladders or pistons and ‘O’ ring seals, the BELFAB® bellows design is hermetically sealed making it maintenance free. Periodic services such as replacing charge gas are not required making it ideal for difficult to access subsea locations and in particular for long term deep sea production.

Although available in a range of sizes to meet specific volume, pressure and temperature requirements, Technetics Group is able to customise accumulators to meet individual requirements.

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