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Metal Sealing Solutions for PowerGen Applications

HOUSTON, Tex., November 2012 – EnPro Industries’ Technetics Group offers custom-engineered metal sealing solutions for the power generation industry, including its HELICOFLEX® family of spring-energized seals, E-FLEX metal E-rings and O-FLEX metal O-rings.

Due to their exceptional compression and elastic recovery properties. Helicoflex high-performance, flexible seals ensure positive contact with even damaged flanges. The seals are composed of a close-wound, metal-jacketed helical spring, which when compressed forces the more ductile jacket to yield and fill any imperfections in the flange faces. Each coil of the spring acts independently, allowing the seal to conform to surface irregularities and making it a leader for overall performance in the industry.

Designed to provide low-load, high spring-back performance in high-pressure, high-temperature applications, E-FLEXmetal E-rings are energized by system pressure, increasing contact stress and minimizing leakage. They can be provided in a wide range of sizes and different geometries to meet the requirements of specific applications. The standard E-FLEXconfiguration exhibits greater spring-back at lower loads than C-rings. Super E-FLEXrings install with less stress than standard E-FLEXseals, and provide nearly 100% spring-back at ambient temperatures. Also available are seals with multiple convolutions and special geometries for applications requiring maximum spring-back.

O-FLEX metal O-rings are available in Alloy 718 tubing, the preferred material due to its strength, spring-back and resistance to radiation and corrosion, as well as in 304 stainless steel. The base tubing, which serves as an elastic core, is plated with 99.95% pure silver which creates a deformable plastic layer, the combination of which provides durable sealing for nuclear reactor pressure vessels.


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