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Technetics Group Introduces Groundbreaking Hydrodynamic Seals

HOUSTON (March 17, 2016) – Technetics, a globally trusted source for engineered components, seals, assemblies and sub-systems for demanding environments, proudly introduces an all-new line of hydrodynamic (HD) “lift-off” seals for aerospace applications.

Hydrodynamic seals have been utilized in a variety of applications for many years. Technetics has now developed a revolutionary seal design, in-house manufacturing and testing process that has advanced the performance of HD seals beyond industry expectations and standards. After years of development, Technetics’ new HD seals were first used in a critical aerospace APU application where competing HD seals failed.

Technetics uses a proprietary Advanced Spiral Groove design and a unique hydrodynamic code that allows for accurate prediction of performance at high altitudes, a process that industry competitors cannot match. The seals are also made made using various high-quality carbon grades, bronze and ceramics, further improving the reliability and stability of the seals. Together, this results in HD seals that have significantly lower lift-off speeds and perform nearly three times better than competitive products operating in similar conditions, yielding improved wear rates, lower temperatures and longer seal life. Specifically, the installation of Technetics HD seals has been shown to give aircraft operators an industry-leading maintenance cycle of more than 20,000 hours.

The new product line includes both bellows and spring-energized hydrodynamic face seals, which use a unique hydrodynamic groove manufactured using a proprietary, in-house process. Technetics’ hydrodynamic seals can be used in both low- and high-speed applications ranging from gearboxes to engine main shafts. Key features and benefits include:

  • Operate in a wide range of temperatures between cryogenic and 1000° F (538.8° C) for bellows-energized seals and -65°F to 400°F (-53.9°C to 204.4°C) for spring-energized models
  • Withstand pressures of up to 150 psid
  • Excellent high-altitude performance with low leakage rates
  • Expective service life of more than 20,000 hours

Hydrodynamic seals can be used with both gases and vapors or mist, and are available in sizes ranging from 1 to 6 inches in diameter. They can be installed on both inward and outward pumping designs and are unidirectional.

“We pride ourselves on being able to meet the very specific needs of our customers, regardless of how specialized and critical their application may be,” said Jeff Farris, Director of Aerospace and Industrial Turbines. “Our customers can count on us to provide them with products that outperform our competition. In this case, we were able to develop a game-changing seal design, manufacturing and testing process that has resulted in hydrodynamic seals that not only meet, but exceed industry standards.”

The superior technology of Technetics hydrodynamic seals is validated by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, as well as additional extensive testing on rigs and engines. Technetics’ seals have shown superior performance on the first try when used in high-altitude applications, without needing to be altered after initial testing.

Technetics is also experienced in several types of secondary seals used in dynamic seal assemblies. For more information about Technetics, visit


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