AMILON™ Engineered High Performance Materials

Engineered PTFE-based materials to meet critical needs

AMILON™ Engineered PTFE products are useful when high-performance characteristics are required. They can withstand temperature extremes from -400ºF (-240ºC) to 500ºF (260ºC) and offer excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Technetics can develop Engineered materials for specific performance characteristics in the areas of thermal conductivity, coefficient of friction, compressive strength, wear rate, creep and cold flow.

Materials are available in molded rods, cylinders and sheets as well as skived sheets. They can also be supplied with chemically modified surfaces for bonding as an optional feature.

Features & Benefits

  • AMILON™ 3 – FDA compliant material designed to run dry without any additional lubrication.
  • AMILON™ 10 – Low friction, excellent wear characteristics and good thermal dissipation. It is excellent for use in fresh water applications (its properties are enhanced when wet). Compatible with most metal substrates and soft mating surfaces.
  • AMILON™ 22 – The recommended material for use in wet or submerged applications. Exhibits excellent thermal and static dissipation. It is FDA compliant and works great in applications where the mating surface is soft or non-ferrous.
  • AMILON™ 44 – Superior hardness and excellent deformation under load. Performs exceptionally well in applications under extremely heavy loads.
  • AMILON™ 56 – Excellent thermal conductivity and outstanding dielectric properties it’s the best choice for 5G/microwave connectors, heat exchangers and sealing devices.
  • AMILON™ 62 – High wear resistance, low friction, and good chemical and electrical insulating properties. It also offers a great combination of flexibility and load carrying properties.
  • AMILON™ 65 – Abrasive and creep resistant. It also exhibits high wear resistance, low friction, good electrical properties and chemical inertness. Provides superior functionality as a sleeve, flange or thrust bearing. It can be bonded to nearly any surface to provide wear resistance and reduced friction.
  • AMILON™ 77 – With lowest coefficient of friction of the product family, it works well in applications against soft mating surfaces like aluminum, mild steel, or bronze. It does not gall surfaces on mating parts.
  • AMILON™ 92 – Low coefficient of friction, good wear and abrasion resistance for both seal and bearing applications. This material can be run on non-metallic and non-ferrous mating surfaces due to its all plastic nature. This is the best grade for aluminum or other soft mating surfaces.
  • AMILON™ 254 – Our optical grade material offering excellent reflectance especially in the UV light spectrum.

Product Applications

  • AMILON™ materials can be used in Seals, Gaskets, Bearings, Machine Tool Guideways, Piston Rings, Liners, Insulators and more
  • Common applications include pumps, compressors, mixers, liners, lathes, pipe supports, valves, automotive lip seals among many others
  • AMILON™ 254 can be used as reflective panels, UV disinfection and germicidal devices and systems


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