CHEMISEAL PTFE envelope Gaskets

CHEMISEAL® PTFE envelope gaskets offer positive, trouble-free sealing in most applications, ranging from mild to severely corrosive environments. PTFE envelope gaskets are available in a broad range of standard sizes and configurations, as well as custom sizes upon request. PTFE envelope gaskets are ideal for use in equipment employing flanges made from alloy, standard steel, glass-lined, plastic, ceramic, conical-end glass pipe and more.

  • Style 6300 –  ePTFE filled
  • Style 6302 – Corrugated stainless steel  filled for pressures up to 300 psi
  • Style 6303 – 1/8″ thick flat carbon steel filled
  • Style 6305 – 1/16 or 1/8 thick Garlock BLUEGARD 3000 filled
  • Style 6326 – 3/16 or 5/16″ thick Garlock BLUEGARD 3000 filled
  • CHEMISEAL GZ – Gylon 3545 Filled. FDA compliant.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for exposure to extremely harsh chemicals
  • Flange surface conformability
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Versatility
  • Low stress to seal

Product Applications

  • Glass-Lined Vessels


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  • 1/2″ to 36″ diameter standard
  • 1/16″ or 1/8″ thick filler
  • Max temperature 260C
  • Available in Slit, Milled, or Double Jacket Configurations