Low Shrinkage LD Tapes

In addition to the permeability (dielectric constant) and dissipation factor of the standard version, the Low Shrinkage low density (ePTFE) tapes maintains its dimensions when cables are subjected to high temperature, maintaining contact with the end connector and preventing excess signal loss.

Also, it has enhanced strength enabling increasing wrapping speeds. The trade off is a slightly lower elongation.

Features & Benefits

  • Color: Natural
  • Thickness starting at 0.0030″ (0.076mm)
  • Densities starting from 0.7 g/cm³
  • Shrinkage under 10%
  • 1,500yds (1,372m) minimum splice-free length
  • Typical Dielectric Constant: 1.3 – 1.5
  • Uniaxially expanded (stretched)
  • Custom slit to widths from 5/32″ (4mm) up to 5″ (127mm)
  • RoHS, REACH and California Prop 65 compliant
  • 3″ (76mm) ID plastic or cardboard cores
  • Flat/Pancake pads, Traverse/Level or Step-pack wound

Product Applications

  • Dielectric Material in Coaxial Cables
  • Suitable for MIL-DTL-17, EN4604, and BMS13-65 constructions


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Typical Properties