Graphite Laminated Seals

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Graphite Laminated Seals

Sealing solution for critical butterfly valve applications

Our graphite laminated seals form a strong seal against rigid valve seats.

Through thoughtful design and precise manufacturing, this product can achieve bidirectional ANSI Class VI shut-off, the most stringent leakage performance standard as tested with liquid nitrogen.

And with state of the art engineering, our laminated seals can also deliver optimal cycle frequency and fire safety.

Key features & benefits

  • Available in 1-inch to 96-inch sizing
  • Operates in wide range of temperatures, -196 °C cryogenic applications to 500 °C steam applications
  • Withstands pressures up to 150 bar

Serving critical industries

Seal materials

  • Metal layers
    • -  Stainless steel
    • -  Duplex stainless steel
    • -  Copper alloy
  • Non-metal layers
    • -  Graphite


  • On the disc (conical part on the outside)
  • On the body (conical part on the inside)

Additional capabilities

  • Works with various graphite densities to ensure stability of gasket-geometry (shape of the conical area) once compressed
  • Special designs available with exotic materials, according to specified requirements

For more information about graphite laminated seals, download our Graphite Laminated Seals pdf. You can also contact us for a custom-engineered solution to your application or to request a quote.