TEXOLON® Unsintered PTFE Tapes and Films

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unsintered PTFE tapes and films are produced by a paste extrusion process and for this reason are sometimes referred to as “extruded” tapes and films.

Featuring the best color uniformity in the market, our unsintered tapes and films are available in a wide range of standard and custom configurations to meet your critical application needs. Beyond color uniformity, Technetics’ knowledge, technology and experience making extruded/unsintered PTFE tapes yields materials with the best uniformity of physical, mechanical and electrical properties in the industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Standard (ES Series) or High Performance (MAX Series)
  • High Performance can be UV Laser Markable (EV Series)
  • Conductive (EC Series) options also available
  • Continuous long lengths from 3,000ft (914m) up to 13,500ft (4115m)
  • Physical and mechanical properties meet ASTM D6585 and AS22759
  • All colors are RoHS, REACH and California Prop 65 Compliant

Product Applications

  • Aircraft and high performance wire and cable
  • High performance data cables
  • Medical devices/equipment cabling solutions
  • Binder tape in cable constructions and wire harnesses
  • Mechanical energy transfer cables (push-pull cables)
  • Convoluted hoses for chemical transfer
  • Precise signal transmission
  • Sensors


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