Fluoropolymer Etching

High-Performance Bonding for Critical Applications

Our etched fluoropolymer products give you the bondable surfaces you need for enhanced performance and durability. Since 1952, Technetics PTFE & Polymer Solutions has been the leader in sodium ammonia fluoropolymer etching, ensuring you receive the long-lasting, durable, uniform surface modification you require.

When compared to sodium naphthalene processes, our sodium ammonia etching has been proven to be the preferred solution with its superior performance and design to give you the bondable surfaces you need on any fluoropolymer quickly and efficiently.

Technetics can etch fluoropolymer surfaces — including selective spot etching — on continuous roll films, flat sheets or the compound contours of three-dimensional parts.

Features and Benefits

Product Applications

  • Gaskets
  • Bearings
  • Tapes and Films


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  • AMS 2491
  • Film rolls up to 50” wide
  • .001″ – .125″ thick (tapes)
  • Narrow tapes and thin-walled tubing
  • Irregularly shaped items as large as 5 cubic ft in volume. Sheets up to 48” W and 200lb.