When confidence matters most, Technetics Group meets your most stringent requirements, delivering defect-free components on schedule and on budget. We offer premium grade PTFE fluoroplastic resins from the best suppliers in the world, ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability.

About Technetics Group Fluoroplastic Solutions

Our fluoroplastic products are resistant to moisture and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures, making them ideal for gasketing, tank lining, housings, manifolds and other products that require FDA compliance.

Product Features

  • Moisture and temperature resistant
  • Wide range of uses
    • Fluoropolymer closures for the most aggressive chemistries
    • Calendered films have enhanced electric, tensile and flatness characteristics
    • Fabricated assemblies for clean rooms
    • Pressure sensitive tapes for high temperature applications

Properties and Technical Information

  • Extreme Temperature Performance
    Pressure sensitive PTFE tapes perform up to 500˚F (260˚C).
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
    We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and can provide material testing, statistical process control or other quality assurances if needed.