At Technetics Group, we tap into our extensive history of machining plastics to solve the most difficult engineering challenges. We machine all engineered polymers to the tightest tolerances. Whether you’re creating a prototype, switching from metal, or simply looking to improve performance, we can design and manufacture engineered polymer solutions that best fit your applications.

About Technetics Group PTFE Machined Polymer Components

With a long menu of plastic machining materials, we produce machine-to-print products and design-build products to match your specifications and requirements. From research to production, from resin to finished goods, we have complete control of the quality and performance of our engineered polymer solutions, delivering the confidence you need for your most critical applications.

Product Features

  • Hold extremely tight tolerances
  • Our dedicated plastics facility ensures plastic parts have no contamination from metal or other sources
  • Machine all engineered polymers including Acetal, Acrylic, Nylon, PCTFE, PEEK, Polycarbonate and many, many more

Industries and Applications

As an approved plastic machining supplier to one of the largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the world, we adhere to the stringent quality standards that consistently meet and exceed the needs of these industries:

  • Semiconductors, for use in CMP rings, wafer chucks, covers, manifolds, end caps, window assemblies, no touch covers, isolators, chambers, chemical enclosures and guards
  • Oil & gas for use in seats, seals, connectors, bushings, bearings, contact blocks, cavity fillers, sleeves, sensor holders and thrust washers
  • Aerospace for use in bushings, cable holders, ring seals, spacers, valve adapters, wear guides and nozzles
  • Medical devices and equipment for use in connectors, centrifuge parts, couplings, gaskets, spacers, CAT scan and MRI parts, flow cells, nozzles, check valves, pumps, gears and cradles
  • Pumps and valves for use in manifolds, seats, seals, diaphragms, wear parts, bearings, back up rings and inserts

Properties and Technical Information

  • Technical Capabilities
    • Manual lathe to 54″ diameter
    • Precise drilling of complex geometries and holes as small as .003″
    • Machine parts as small as .020″
    • CNC milling of components to 30″ x 60″ x 30″
    • CNC turning of components up to 22″ in diameter
    • Horizontal milling
    • 5 axis capabilities
    • Polishing
    • Water jet cutting
  • ISO 9001:20015 Certified
    We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and can provide material testing, statistical process control or other quality assurances if needed.