When confidence is critical, Technetics Group PTFE gaskets and seals are the #1 choice. For 40 years, Technetics Group has been a leader in the production of PTFE gaskets, including PTFE envelope gaskets, flange gaskets, solid gaskets, PTFE encapsulated gaskets and more. All are developed and manufactured under strict quality control management practices, and are built for exceptional purity, cleanliness and quality.

About Technetics Group PTFE Gaskets and PTFE Seals

PTFE is chemically resistant to virtually all process chemistries, and is a fantastic gasketing material for cryogenic conditions. Our PTFE gaskets and seals are available in both standard and custom sizes, materials and designs. Choose the best for your application including:

  • TEXOLON® Encapsulated PTFE Gaskets. Suitable for exposure to extremely harsh chemicals, these PTFE encapsulated gaskets deliver enhanced sealing performance including excellent purity, low stress to seal, chemical capability, reduced creep and cold flow characteristics.
  • TEXOLON® PTFE Flange Gaskets. Our steel reinforced pipe flange gaskets are a proprietary molded PTFE gasket featuring a stainless steel grade 304 perforated reinforcement core.
  • CHEMISEAL® PTFE Envelope Gaskets. Our PTFE envelope gaskets offer positive, trouble-free sealing in most applications, including in severely corrosive environments and glass-lined vessels.

Product Features

  • Excellent purity
  • Low stress
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Reduced creep and cold flow characteristics
  • Produced in all of the standard ANSI flange sizes
  • Special sizes and thicknesses available upon request

Industries and Applications

  • Gaskets:
    • Brominization Chemistry
    • Black liquors (Sodium Hydroxide)
    • UOP–HF Alkylation
  • Seals
    • Automotive shaft seals

Properties and Technical Information 

  • Extreme Temperature Performance
    Performs in a wide range of temperatures, from –400˚F to 500˚F (-240˚C to 260˚C).