At Technetics Group, our mission is to engineer solutions that give you confidence. We go above and beyond to ensure our products and services meet your unique challenges without disruption. For applications where high operating temperature, high dielectric strength, chemical resistance or all of those are required, and failure is not an option, Technetics Group’s PTFE tape and PTFE film is the material of choice.

About Technetics Group PTFE Tapes and PTFE Film

Technetics Group’s PTFE tape and PTFE film provide unmatched quality and thorough aftermarket support across a wide range of applications that continuously face challenging environments. Our PTFE tape and PTFE film is used as binder tape in cable bundles, for stent crimpling where high purity is essential, for mission-critical military and aircraft wiring where extreme electrical properties is necessary, and many more uses.

Product Features

  • The most homogeneous PTFE blends in the industry, exhibiting the uniform physical and electrical properties along the entire length of tape or spool
  • Wide variety of options including low-density tapes, skived tapes and films, unsintered/extruded tapes and films, and long, continuous lengths
  • Large assortment of colors meeting MIL-STD-104 (Class 1), EIA-359-A and AS22759. All colors are RoHS and REACH compliant, and are carefully developed to prevent fading
  • Conductive and UV Laser Markable options available
  • Custom formulations for enhanced properties such as thermal conductivity, abrasion resistance, adhesion and others

Industries and Applications

  • Industrial
  • Oil & gas
  • Automotive
  • Telecom
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • For use in:
    • Wire and cable insulation and jacketing
    • Dielectric material in coaxial cables
    • Mechanical energy transfer
    • Sliding motion applications
    • Chemical transfer
    • And more

Properties and Technical Information

  • Manufacturing Process
    Mixing pigments and other functional additives with PTFE fine powders, with a high level of dispersion, is one of our core competencies. Our engineers and material scientists will research and develop the film with the properties that meet your specific needs, and can develop special formulations for unique applications through our proprietary manufacturing techniques.
  • Electrical Insulation and Jacketing
    Our tapes and films provide consistent mechanical and electrical properties like tensile and dielectric strength along the length of a cable. Specific grades provide enhanced electrical properties such as arc propagation resistance, providing superior insulation when used in aerospace applications. UV laser markability is also available in a wide range of colors providing excellent legibility and durability of wire and cable markings.
  • Low Friction/Sliding Motion
    Our tapes and films also feature a low coefficient of friction, allowing the inner member of push/pull cables to slide easily within the assembly. High-transparency options are available to match desired aesthetics. Composite bushings and bearings also benefit from the low friction characteristics of our PTFE tapes. Other desired properties such as wear resistance and thermal conductivity can be enhanced with the addition of functional fillers, tailored to the specific application to match the desired performance.
  • Chemical Transfer
    Our solutions are extremely beneficial during chemical transfer, boosting safety through anti-static options. Technetics Group’s PTFE provides critical chemical resistance and inertness, preventing the disruptive effects of corrosive and reactive chemicals.