Advanced Surface Technologies (AST) Semiconductor is the industry-leading vertically integrated surface technology group focused on full lifecycle support, from initial development and production through recurring refurbishment and spares, for strategic consumable components used in leading-edge semiconductor applications.

Technetics Semi

At Technetics Semi, we have over 50 years of experience in the semiconductor market, with unmatched top-down operational excellence. We supply Tier 1 systems, solutions, edge welded bellows (Belfab), ESC surface modifications and coating technologies, to the world’s leading semiconductor capital equipment and wafer fabrication companies.

Technetics Semi has developed a new thin film coating technology to deposit Y203, Al203, YF3 and others using a proprietary low-temperature deposition process in a high vacuum chamber environment. The deposition is a highly etch-resistant thin film coating that reduces particle generation and increases chamber component lifetimes.

Semiconductor wafer etching clean room


Alluxa is a manufacturer of and world leader in high-performance optical filters and thin-film coatings. Services include the advanced SIRRUS™ Plasma Deposition process, Ultra and Ultra Narrow Series optical filters and thin-film coatings, and custom optical filters and thin-film coatings for OEM systems. We are known for our knowledge, design expertise, precision coating and advanced metrology testing capabilities.


AceCo Precision Manufacturing LLC specializes in refurbishing front-end semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electro-mechanical components, chambers and subassemblies, and source custom-engineered machine manufactured and specialty coated parts. Our team of Engineers and Technicians have hands-on semiconductor fab experience, and we pride ourselves in our ability to provide top-tier quality solutions for IDM partners so they maximize equipment uptime, and yield, all while lowering cost of ownership.


LeanTeq is the leading provider of cleaning, testing and verification services for advanced semiconductor technology nodes, using chemistry with a craftsman’s touch to clean and restore parts used to manufacture semiconductors.

Using chemical processes, we ensure the parts used in manufacturing are cleaned to a nano level to secure the quality of end products in support of our customer’s business goals. Our chemists utilize just the right amount of processing to ensure maximum part life when restoring process tool parts, cleaning high-purity parts, conducting surface treatment, and supporting engineering services to develop and improve cleaning processes.

LeanTeq is an expert technical innovation partner; we use our knowledge of chemicals and surfaces to work with our customer’s R&D teams to develop new processes and bring new parts into production.


NxEdge is the leader in Vertically Integrated manufacturing for semi-conductor chamber components and assemblies, serving the semiconductor industry for over 20 years. We support IDMs, Foundries and OEMs.

NxEdge is an OPM for Leading semiconductor OEM companies supporting a wide range of process applications and platforms like Deposition, Etch, CMP and many others.
NxEdge is the leader in a variety of Special Processes and Our engineering staff is developing next-generation unique processes that align with 7nm and 5 nm below technology nodes.

NxEdge provides life cycle management via recoating services used in 300mm and 200mm factories.

Services include:

  • Thermal spray coatings of Yttria based, Al203, aluminum and other specialty materials
  • Copy Exact Recoating of components for full life cycle management direct with end users or via OEM TKM programs
  • Coatings for original part manufacturing metals
  • Polymer coatings
  • Class 10 and Class 100 clean rooms
  • Copper segregation
  • CNC Precision Machining
  • Anodization and Plating
  • Full analytical Lab
  • Advanced cleaning with LPC and ICPMS capabilities
Semiconductor Manufacturing Cleaning