Customized Dynamic Sealing Solutions

Thanks to more than 50 years of experience in dynamic and static sealing and material technology, Technetics is able to design and provide customized dynamic sealing solutions to meet the most demanding requirements where standard seals are inadequate.

The engineering team employs various proprietary sealing technologies such as mechanical seals, lip seals, brush seals, and metal bellows in order to meet specific requirements for leak rate, friction torque, temperature, speed, and more.

For more information about Technetics customized dynamic sealing solutions designed to your specifications, please contact us.

특징과 우수성

Specialized solutions include:

  • Custom dimensions
  • High temperature
  • High speed
  • Special media
  • Pressure reversal
  • Limited space
  • Dry friction
  • Low leakrate
  • With RFID chip

제품 적용

  • Racing
    • Energy recovery system
    • Super charger
    • Cooling water pump
  • 원자력
    • Opening system for cask container
    • Experimental research systems
  • 각종 산업
    • Cryogenic equipments
    • Compressors
  • Aerospace
    • Compressors
  • Medical
    • Hazardous waste management

전문가 상담

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