When the temperature is hot or space is limited, Technetics Group’s circumferential seals are the answer. Their compact construction simplifies installation, and the circumferential seal assemblies are easily disassembled and repaired on site.

About Technetics Group Circumferential Seals

Circumferential seals are designed to minimize the leakage of fluid or gases by sealing directly against the shaft (segmented seal) or by using a closely controlled clearance between the floating circumferential ring and a rotating shaft (bushing seal). Since no elastomers are used, circumferential seals can be used in wide range of temperatures.

제품 특징

  • Performs in the hottest temperatures
  • Easy, fast installation minimizes downtime and maintenance costs
  • Compact construction for use in tight spaces
  • 매우 낮은 발열량, resulting in negligible horsepower loss
  • Leakage rates remain constant over the life of the seal
  • Can be used independently or as part of a seal system
  • Life expectancy of over 40,000 hours or 6,000 starts/stops (depending on use and operating conditions)
  • Controlled tolerance
  • Unique stabilized ring with fins
  • Optional silicon carbide floating rings

산업 및 응용

  • 고압 애플리케이션
  • Suitable for sealing low-pressure liquids