Technetics Group is a trusted Tier I systems and solutions supplier to the world’s leading semiconductor capital equipment and wafer fabrication companies. We manufacture custom-engineered metal pedestal and heater assemblies, electrostatic chuck pedestals, and advanced subsystem assemblies. We’ve been a leader in the field for more than twenty years; in fact, we’ve manufactured more than 20,000 of them. Each is manufactured and tested to provide confidence when integrated into a customer’s process chamber.

About Technetics Group Semiconductor Equipment Chamber Systems

Customer assemblies are used to generate plasma within a process chamber, electrostatically hold the wafer during processing, or move the wafer in and out of the chamber. Technetics Group designs and manufactures complex front-end wafer process assemblies; including heater pedestals and electrostatic chucks, improved with advanced coatings, wafer and pin lift assemblies, lid assemblies with RF source and magnets, and nearly any other custom assembly used within semiconductor process chambers. Our fully tested assemblies are delivered to your integration point, final testing facility, or to any depot for spares consumption.

Product Features

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) capability
  • Build-to-print with point-of-use testing capability
  • Vertically integrated with in-house machining, welding, assembly, bonding, coating, testing, cleaning and packaging capabilities
  • Six-Sigma manufacturing focus
  • Comprehensive test programs

Industries and Applications

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Ultra-high vacuum
  • Water fabrication