Critical Solutions for Construction

From bridges to pipelines, skyscrapers to dams, our sealing solutions are found in some of the most demanding construction and infrastructure applications in the world.

Empowering Engineers’ Inspiration

Built to last to outperform expectations, our innovative PTFE construction and bonding technologies deliver unparalleled safety and reliability through the most extreme weather, loads and shocks.

CEFIL’AIR® inflatable seals solve issues in highly critical construction projects. They have been used to reduce flooding in subway or laguna level sites. They enable the extension of construction work through dry dock creation for deep-sea harbors.

Building New Solutions

For construction and infrastructure applications we produce slide bearings, as well as rubber laminations where anti-stick properties are needed during freezing conditions. On bridges, our proprietary sodium ammonia fluoropolymer etching process results in a far more durable, resilient bond for employing PTFE or other polymers. In dams, our PTFE construction solutions provide excellent wear properties, low friction and corrosion resistance for roller and radial gate applications.

Case Studies