Assembly Services that Maximize Throughput

Technetics Group fabricates, assembles and tests full product assemblies that maximize throughput speed while minimizing costs. With their throughput challenges solved, companies can concentrate their time and efforts on technical support, equipment, floor space and investment resources.

We can deliver our assemblies directly to your integration point, final test facility, or to any depot for spares consumption. Although assemblies utilizing welding and/or cleanroom fabrication are focal points for the operation, they are not explicit requirements. Engineering capability, materials management, and an emphasis on customer service drive the business.

The Highest Levels of Production Standards

Regardless of industry and application, whether it’s for highly demanding semiconductor manufacturing or for the unique needs of ultra-high vacuum aerospace, Technetics Group meets any challenge with the utmost quality and performance. Our design systems incorporate some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world today, with no margin for error, no excuse for failure, and the need for total and continual reliability.