A History of Delivering Solutions
for Demanding Applications

Inside the world’s most demanding applications, you’ll find trusted engineered solutions from Technetics Group. With our global manufacturing locations, our experience is vast, our solutions comprehensive.

From our advanced R&D center to our company-wide commitment to relentless testing and precision, we are committed to improving safety and optimizing performance for each of our clients.

Engineered Solutions for Critical Applications

Technetics Group is made up of some of the world’s best-known sealing and critical component design and manufacture businesses delivering highly engineered seal designs and critical component solutions. From sealing solutions to bellows to burst discs, our comprehensive offerings deliver safety, efficiency and consistently outperform expectations. With innovative manufacturing and responsive technical expertise, our engineering leadership is respected and admired across the globe.

Over a Century of Experience

Through the years, we have added proven industry leaders to our core business while expanding our capabilities. As the Technetics Group has grown, we have been fortunate to retain the unique talents of each individual company. That is why we are not only able to support legacy products but continue to push the envelope with new and innovative solutions.

Our core businesses include the following:

Garlock France
Garlock Helicoflex
Qualiseal Technology
Tara Technologies
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