At The Leading Edge of Innovation

At Technetics Group, we are continually developing new engineered sealing solutions to meet your most demanding applications. Our best-in-class processes are practiced in every one of our locations, from our industry-leading French R&D lab to our worldwide manufacturing facilities.

Problem Solving: Finding the Highest Quality Solutions

At Technetics Group, we consistently aim for groundbreaking improvements and innovation. Specific activities to achieve those goals include Six Sigma training and certification, CI and lean manufacturing, and our very own unique Employee Idea Program—a Technetics Group program designed to foster innovation by rewarding employees for developing new ideas such as error proofing (Poka-Yoke). All employees regularly contribute to the program.

R&D: Taking on the Toughest Challenges at the Start

Fifty years ago we created maestral®, the Technetics Group R&D Innovation lab located in Pierrelatte, France. Founded in 1969, maestral is the result of a unique partnership between CEA (French Atomic Energy Agency) and Technetics Group France, formed to solve the most difficult design and performance problems, accelerating time to market, and improving cost-of-ownership from Lab to Fab.

Testing: Ensuring Critical Challenges are Met

To make sure our products can meet any challenge, we perform stringent testing including dynamic sealing testing, fluid sealing testing, rapid prototyping and the use of Finite Element Analysis. We perform both controlled tests and real world simulations to find solutions that perform under the most difficult operating conditions such as high pressure and temperature, complex mechanical stresses, unique interactions between materials, and in relation to fluids, bacterial aggressiveness.

Manufacturing: Delivering Confidence in Critical Applications

Regardless of industry and application, Technetics Group meets any challenge with the utmost quality and performance. Our design systems incorporate some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world today, with no margin for error and the need for total and continual reliability. We know that failure in the field is unacceptable, which is why we ensure every component we design is built to succeed, and to last.