Critical Applications Deserve the
Highest Quality Solutions

From component manufacturing to seal manufacturing, at Technetics Group we are committed to delivering the highest quality products, which means striving for continual improvement and innovation.

Hand-in-hand with that commitment is a dedication to delivering high customer satisfaction and driving operational efficiencies across all of our businesses. Specific activities to achieve those goals include Six Sigma training and certification, CI and lean manufacturing, and our very own unique Employee Idea Program.

Employee Idea Program (EIP)

The Employee Idea Program is designed to foster innovation and continuous improvement by recognizing and rewarding employees for developing new ideas such as error proofing (Poka-Yoke). All employees regularly contribute to the program.

Certifications Across the Organization Include:

Six Sigma and Lean Tools

Employees at Technetics Group have successfully executed numerous CI and cost-saving initiatives using Six Sigma and Lean tools such as Kaizen Events, 5S, time study, value stream analysis, layout improvements, visual management, workflow diagrams and error proofing.

Six Sigma Training and Certification Program

Technetics Group strongly believes in providing Six Sigma training and certification to all employees. The program is designed to maximize benefits for the company while rewarding successful project leaders and teams.

* If you require a copy of QCE 228, please contact Technetics Group Supply Chain below.