When proven engineering and unrivaled reliability matter, Technetics Group metal seals make a difference. Our unique metal seal sealing solutions deliver high performance even in the most challenging conditions. At Technetics Group, our metal seals are specifically designed to utilize the elements of force, fluid and pressure to assist in their solution of sealing.

About Technetics Group Metal Seals

Technetics Group metal seals come in an endless variety of options, although the majority are static seals—seals that function much like a gasket between two flanges that have little or no relative motion. Our metal seal sealing solutions, available ready-made and custom-engineered, are designed to maximize performance and optimizing the assembly.

Product Features

  • Proven reliability: Effective in extreme environments including high pressure environments, ultra-low vacuum environments, corrosive environments and radioactive environments
  • Reusable in many cases
  • Long-term sealing, with no material degradation
  • Infinite storage life

Are Metal Seals Reusable?

Industries and Applications

  • Nuclear for use in reactor pressure vessels, control rods, primary pumps, pressurizers and spent fuel casks
  • Valves for use in body/bonnet sealing and seat sealing
  • Oil & gas for use in hydraulics, subsea couplings, subsea Christmas trees, subsea compressors, electronic submersible pumps, flow meters
  • Semiconductors for PVD/CVD/etch equipment and for gas/chemical delivery systems
  • New energies such as hydrogen
  • Life sciences for use in imaging and scanning systems
  • Ultra-high vacuum for use in accelerators and fusion research
  • Automotive for use in engine, exhaust gas

Properties and Technical Information

  • Available in a Variety of Sizes
    While many of our seals come in a nearly infinite number of sizes, including up to 7 meters in diameter, typically they are from 1/8″ to >100″ (3.175mm to 2,540mm).
  • Extreme Temperature Performance
    Performs in a wide range of temperatures, from -423˚F to 1450°F (-253°C to 788°C).
  • Customized
    The majority of Technetics Group’s metallic seal sealing solutions are custom-engineered. Our equipment designers are experienced in meeting all specific requirements while maximizing performance and minimizing weight. The work benefits from our close partnerships with leading industry OEMs, and our long-standing relationships with government research agencies, renowned universities, independent research firms, and national laboratories.
  • Tested and Proven
    Our design concepts are rigorously tested with state-of-the-art design software and testing equipment to replicate performance under critical operating environments.

Where are the Sealing Torque Values?