C-FLEX™ Metal Seal

The sealing design of C-FLEX™ metal C-rings is based on the elastic deformation of a metal “C” substrate which, during the compression cycle, gives a contact point on each sealing surface. The substrate characteristics determine the compressive load of the seal. This load combined with an accurate compression rate results in a specific pressure which is directly related to the sealing level obtained. A certain specific pressure is necessary to make the seal flow into the flange imperfections. In service, the system pressure supplements this load. A softer surface treatment is available to increase the plasticity of the seal and reduce the specific pressure necessary to reach the desired sealing level.

View the features and benefits of C-FLEX™ below

Features & Benefits

  • Pressure energized
  • Cross-section and wall thickness designed to control loading
  • Available for internal, external and axial pressure
  • Range of materials (Alloy X750, 718, Waspaloy and other exotic metals)
  • Platings and coatings: silver, gold, PTFE (others available)
  • Temperature range: from -273°C to 730°C (-460°F to 1350°F)
  • Pressure range: from medium vacuum to 2,000 bar (29,008 PSI)
  • Leak range: Approximately ≤ 25 cc/min @ 50 psig Nitrogen per inch of diameter to ≤ 1 x 10-4 std.cc/sec Air. The actual leak rate will depend on seal load, surface finish, and surface treatment.
Optional Features:
  • Tribological wear-resistant coatings available
  • Custom shapes and sizes available

Product Applications

  • Oil & gas: downhole drilling/MWD
  • Industrial turbines: fuel systems/nozzles
  • Valves: body/bonnet, back seat sealing
  • Aerospace/space: turbopump, fuel systems, nozzles/injectors, cryogenics
  • Automotive: turbochargers, exhaust


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