Technetics Group France Is Ready for Remote Inspections

Technetics Group France has introduced a powerful, new remote inspection service. This added capability is designed around our customers, allowing them additional flexibility and cost savings without sacrificing quality inspections.

The new service allows our customers to engage in the same leading inspection services they’re accustomed to,
but without traveling to a Technetics facility.

This will provide added value well into the future as it becomes a mainstay of the Technetics offering.
In the short term, it will also address any immediate lingering concerns related to traveling and COVID-19’s impact.

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Advantages of Technetics’ New Remote Inspections

Customers will realize a variety of benefits from this new program, including:

  • The ability to release orders on time and meet delivery deadlines by ensuring inspections are performed on schedule.
  • Inspections featuring multiple experts with specialty expertise – potentially even more inspectors than would have been present for an on-site inspection.
  • Greater scheduling flexibility for both parties. Instead of significant planning around traveling for a short inspection, a remote connection can be scheduled quickly around strategic times and makes the same inspection possible without any travel.
  • Time savings and cost savings due to reduced need for travel.

How the Technetics Remote Inspection Process Works

The remote inspection process leverages online instant messaging as its primary means of communication,
providing an easy-to-use solution for all parties,
even via a web interface.

“Hybrid” inspections are an option involving on-site stakeholders and remote collaboration.
This alternative further boosts scheduling flexibility and other opportunities to meet customer’s unique needs.

Available Types of Remote Inspections

Remote testing is available for many types of inspections, including compression testing, leak testing, dimensional control, documentation validation, and more.
Technetics can study any customer proposal and conduct assessments in real-time.

Technetics’ lab sites are equipped with several cameras, some fixed and some mobile, making thorough views of solutions being inspected possible. Remote inspectors can control what they’re viewing at all times. In advance of an inspection, we can share documentation to facilitate better preparation. We can also provide remote inspection services to “investigate” equipment beyond scheduled, traditional inspections.

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