At The Leading Edge of Innovation

Continuously testing, creating and finding new engineered sealing solutions to meet your most demanding applications—that’s why we created maestral®, the Technetics Group R&D Innovation lab located in Pierrelatte, France.

Founded in 1969, maestral is the result of a unique partnership between CEA (French Atomic Energy Agency) and Technetics Group France. At maestral we work to solve the most difficult design and performance problems, accelerating time to market and improving cost-of-ownership from Lab to Fab. Our R&D support is available to every Technetics Group partner and client.

Taking on the Toughest Challenges

At maestral we combine five decades of experience in producing the finest quality components and assemblies with leading-edge capabilities in chamber technology, engineered surface treatments and testing. We take a multi-scale scientific approach, combining tests, characterization and simulation in order to develop performance seals and other sealing solutions that meet not only today’s needs but tomorrow’s.

No other seal manufacturer can match our performance, such as creating products with incredibly low leakage rates (as low as 1E-12 mbar.l/s—that corresponds to the volume of a pinhead) that would take 200 to 2,000 years to leak out. Through collaboration internally and with our partners and vendors, behind a passion to achieve, and spurred by a dedication to succeed, we search for solutions that perform under the most difficult operating conditions like high pressure and temperature, complex mechanical stresses, unique interactions between materials and, in relation to fluids, bacterial aggressiveness.