Products that Conquer the Most Demanding Challenges

When innovation matters, when extreme environments need to be confronted and failure is not an option, our products excel. From inception to finish, from installation to service, Technetics Group provides solutions that give you confidence.

Sealing Solutions

You’ll find them deep inside nuclear reactors and within rockets soaring into space. Each of our products are engineered for safety, performance and durability.

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PTFE & Polymer Solutions

Our Houston-based PTFE and Polymer Solutions division manufactures a full range of standard and custom polymer products and services.

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Semiconductor Equipment Chamber Subsystems

We manufacture custom-engineered metal pedestals and heater assemblies, electrostatic chuck pedestals, and advanced subsystem assemblies.

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With over 60 years of design experience and thousands of time-tested applications, Technetics Group has designed and produced edge-welded metal bellows longer than any other company.

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Acoustic Media

Our line of FELTMETAL™ Acoustic Media materials are specially designed to both absorb sound and provide enhanced structural properties at extreme temperature ranges.

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Burst Discs

High-precision burst discs (also commonly referred to as rupture disks, pressure safety disks, bursting discs or burst diaphragms) are non-reclosing pressure relief safety devices. They are used most often to protect pressure vessels, equipment or systems from over pressurization, or from potentially damaging vacuum conditions. Customized to fit your exact standards, our burst discs are ideal for hard vacuum, high pressure, cryogenic and high temperatures.

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