Critical Solutions for Flow Control

When applications are in motion, you need quality that is consistent. At Technetics Group our sealing solutions ensure proper flow control in valves that transfer critical fluids and perform in the harshest environments—they can withstand temperatures as low as –423°F and as high as 1450°F. Our seals also survive corrosive or radioactive environments, and perform consistently long-term, without excessive material degradation.

Reliable Under Pressure

For engineered seals, components and subsystems that need to be reliable under pressure, Technetics Group offers innovative solutions for the design and production of sealing solutions for ball valves, butterfly valves, relief valves, globe valves and gate valves. Whether valves are being used in the oil and gas industry, power generation, steam production, industrial services or the nuclear industry, Technetics Group has the application engineering expertise to design custom solutions that solve your biggest challenges.

For the Long Run

Our metal seals are ideal for critical applications in the nuclear, oil and gas, and semiconductor industries—industries where failure is not an option.

Many sealing materials, such as elastomer or graphite can become deformed and lose tightness over time. At Technetics Group, we’re at the forefront of technology, helping pioneer new, more durable and longer-lasting sealing solutions.

Case Studies