HELICOCARB® Carbon Brush Seal

High-performance rotating sealing solutions for critical industrial applications.

The HELICOCARB® carbon brush seal, robust and easy to integrate, offers good adaptability to your service and operating conditions as well as performance improvements for your equipment. This sealing solution also allows you to reduce your total cost of ownership while ensuring the safety and reliability of your installation.

HELICOCARB® is a circular brush-seal whose internal diameter, in contact with a rotating shaft, consists of a carbon brush. A patented assembly enables it to efficiently compress a network of soft carbon bristles. A circular brush is created, with every bristle oriented towards the center of the seal. The arrangement of the assembly and the specific Technetics manufacturing process results in a high-quality carbon brush seal, whose performance is very consistent.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved overall equipment energy efficiency:
    • Leakage reduction: up to 90% gain compared to labyrinth seals (depending on conditions)
    • Low-friction torque resistance
  • Low shaft abrasion
  • Simple, robust and reliable
  • Easy to integrate and easy to install
  • Customizable design for optimized integration within assembly (materials casing, carbon fiber layer)
  • Improved lifetime
  • Bi-directional

Product Applications

The HELICOCARB® seal can replace existing seals in the following applications:

  • Centrifugal gas compressor
  • Aero engine
  • Bearing protection
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Industrial air fan
  • Gearbox


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