Since 1967, Technetics Group has designed and produced a wide range of mechanical seals, engineered for the most demanding and varied rotary shaft applications.

With trusted brands such as QUALISEAL®, GULLIVER® and CEFILAC GPA®, we deliver extended life and low leakage while accommodating a wide range of sizes, speeds, pressures and temperatures in both dry and wetted applications.

Sizes: up to 6” diameter

Face Materials: Carbon, Bronze, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide

Secondary Sealing: Metal Bellows, O-ring, Spring, Piston Ring,

Speeds: up to 50k ft/min (254 m/s)

Temps: -104°F to 1000°F (-54°C to 537°C)

Fluids: air, oil, oil mist, abrasive, corrosive and clogging media

Pressures: 1.5 PSIA to 1000 PSID (10.3kPa to 689 kPa)

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