CEFILAC GPA® Mechanical Seals

Technetics is the original designer of the CEFILAC GPA® mechanical seal, which can be used without any additional lubrication under severe operating conditions such as abrasive, corrosive and clogging media. You will shorten your maintenance times and optimize your production management thanks to our simple and robust CEFILAC GPA® seal which offers a long lifetime and guarantees an optimisation of your operating costs.

Features & Benefits

Thanks to its unique design, the Technetics CEFILAC GPA® seal is a mechanical seal suitable for:

  • Long life-time even with abrasive, corrosive, clogging & crystalizing media
  • No additional lubrication required
  • Simple and reliable
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly

Product Applications

  • Mining
    • Alumina processing
    • Calcium carbonate processing
    • Phosphate processing
  • Paper industry
  • Food
    • Mixers & agitators
    • Pumps
  • Energy
    • Thermal powerplants
    • Methanization


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