Contacting Face Seal Application: Aircraft Engine

The main shaft in a commercial aircraft engine had an existing carbon face seal experiencing high leakage and seal failures.

Operating Conditions

  • High speed (51,000 rpm)
  • Gearbox oil (MIL-R-23699)
  • 20 psid

Determining Cause and Failure Modes

  • Technetics Qualiseal® Technology FEA model indicated significant face tapering and waviness in the two-piece seal nose design
  • The existing design also enabled anti-rotation wear, causing the part to hang up and further contribute to the significant leakage

Technetics Qualiseal® Technology Solution

  • Designed a new carbon face seal with a mono-block seal nose design
  • Integral anti-rotation heat treated to high hardness for wear resistance
  • Final design solution required NO COST INCREASE over the original product