Plate Seals

Overmolded plate seals

Elastomer seals (FKM, silicone, fluorinated silicone) can be overmolded within grooves on anodized aluminum or nickel-plated supports. This enables perfect positioning between elements to be sealed, independently of the orientation and accessibility of the seal.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, visually & verifiable installation (correct location of the rubber part in front of the sealing surface)
  • High-pressure performance (more than 200 bars as well as vacuum)
  • Easy maintenance even in a vertical position with very low space between flanges
  • Multi-port sealing with one component
  • Ability to seal complex flange geometry.
  • Solid metal-to-metal contact insures stable joint with no re-torque required
  • Redundant seals can be incorporated into one component
  • No machined grooves required in mating flanges
  • Different rubber and materials (and coatings) retainers: FKM, Silicone and Fluorosilicone seal materials
  • Specific design features (metal-to-metal design, special seal profile) contribute to safe static sealing of aircraft fuel systems
  • Can also be used in dynamic applications (relief valve, poppet valve)

Product Applications

Aircraft engines:
  • Sealing on compressors, pumps & gearbox assemblies
  • Sealing on flanges and connections of air, oil & fuel management systems
  • High sealing pressure on Kerosene post combustion’s hydraulic device
Hydrogen production:
  • Sealing on separation stacks
  • Sealing on primary pumps filters


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