VITAFLEX® Spiral Wound Gaskets

A large variety of the most difficult sealing problems can be solved using VITAFLEX® spiral wound gaskets. Although its basic fundamental principle has changed little since its creation, production techniques and the materials developed and used over the last 30 years have enabled our gaskets to be adapted to a much broader range of applications. We can offer optimized gaskets adapted to our customers’ specific requirements including operating conditions, sealing, dimensioning of assemblies and safety level. The winding, or the active part of the gasket, consists of an alternating combination of the formed metal strip and the soft filler material wound together. The soft filler material is selected to suit the medium which is to be sealed off (pressure, temperature, fluid). Several consecutive turns of the metal strip are welded together at the beginning and end of the winding in order to maintain the tension.

Features & Benefits

  • Design adaptable for all types of assemblies
  • Wide choice of materials (Inox, INCONEL®, Monel, PTFE or fibers)
  • Standard range meets the requirements of flange standards ASME B16.5 or NF EN 1759-1 but also NF EN 1092-1

Product Applications

  • Chemical & Petrochemical Industry: catalytic synthesis, heat exchangers, vessel gaskets, piping, valves, and storage
  • Nuclear Industry: cooling systems, valves, manholes, handholes, and heat exchanger with or without partition walls
  • General Industry: high and low-pressure steam systems, autoclaves, heat exchangers, heat transfer fluids, high pressure, hydraulic piping, valves, compressors and pumps


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