Doosan Case Study

Sealing Radioactive Components 

Failure Is Not An Option 

As a part of the nuclear power plant reactor, the O-ring must operate efficiently within a high-pressure, high-temperature environment and seal within radioactive settings. The O-ring seal must be replaced during routine maintenance every 18 months. 

O-Ring Solution for Nuclear Power Plant Component Supplier 

Internationally renowned and Korean-based, Doosan is a global and regional nuclear power plant (NPP) component leader. As the largest supplier in the industry, the company holds itself to the highest standards. Doosan’s plant specializes in large-scale components such as nuclear reactors and internal structures, steam generators, nuclear reactor coolant pumps, pressurizers, and more.  

Choosing a Reliable Provider 

Given a recent increase in energy demand, Doosan required a quality and reliable O-ring sealing solution. Doosan identified Technetics RPV (Reactor Pressure Vessel) O-ring as the best solution for their existing NPP and for new and innovative projects in the future 

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