Mating Ring Solution: Hydraulic Pump

An aerospace OEM historically purchased an inexpensive mating ring to pair with a precision carbon face seal in a hydraulic pump.  The supplier was capable of achieving flatness to 6 HLB.   The buyer was satisfied because the mating ring met the design requirements at a low cost.

Operating Process

  • After receiving the mating rings, the OEM inspected 100% of them using a laser interferometer to ensure sufficient flatness.
  • 80% of the mating rings needed to be re-lapped and re-inspected before they could be used even though they were built to spec.
  • The total cost of the final product was significantly greater than the amount on the purchase order

Technetics Qualiseal® Technologies Solution

  • Technetics Qualiseal® Technologies manufactured mating rings to a standard above the customer’s design requirements, achieving flatness to 3 HLB or better.
  • Inspected utilizing QT’s laser interferometer and delivered ready-to-use products to the customer.
  • The customer recognized savings in the “total cost” of the product and also reduced the required inspection staff by two.