Electrostatic Chuck Pedestals

High-performance pedestal solutions from a world leader in semiconductor chamber technologies.

Features & Benefits

Technetics Semi is a trusted Tier I systems and solutions supplier to the world’s leading semiconductor capital equipment and wafer fabrication companies. Our proven pedestal technologies, manufacturing, test and repair expertise and Six-Sigma focus solve process problems, improve performance and reduce cost-of-ownership throughout the product life cycle. Technetics Semi assemblies are process-critical elements of the most sophisticated equipment in use today.

Product Applications

Technetics Semi has manufactured PVD Electro-Static Chucks (ESCs) for over 10 years. We’ve produced over 7,000 ESCs from 150mm through 300mm for aluminum and copper barrier seed interconnect processes for the largest equipment manufactures in the world. In addition, we apply and manage the critical coating processes required that enable optimal ESC performance.