Precisely Engineered Components and Exacting Solutions

Our custom solutions provide the highest quality semiconductor components, at competitive prices.

Where confidence must be unquestioned, and where failure is not an option, Technetics Semi delivers. As the leaders in semiconductor design and manufacturing, including semiconductor equipment chamber subsystems, our products are found in critical applications around the world.

We’ve produced over 500,000 bellows and over 12,000 new and refurbished electrostatic chuck pedestals. We also produce complex front-end wafer-process assemblies including heater pedestals, wafer and pedestal lift assemblies and electrostatic chucks (ESCs) that can be improved with advanced coatings.

Chamber Illustration

About Technetics Semi Semiconductor Equipment Chamber Subsystems

Customer assemblies are used to generate plasma within a process chamber, electrostatically hold the wafer during processing, or move the wafer in and out of the chamber. Technetics Semi designs and manufactures complex front-end wafer process assemblies including heater pedestals and electrostatic chucks that are improved with advanced coatings, wafer and pin lift assemblies, lid assemblies with RF source and magnets, and nearly any other custom assembly used within semiconductor process chambers. Our fully tested assemblies are delivered to your integration point, the final testing facility or to any depot for spares consumption.


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