E-FLEX™ Metal Seal

E-FLEX™ metal E-rings are designed to have a low load, high spring back performance for high-pressure/high-temperature applications. In service, E-FLEX™ metal E-rings are pressure energized by the system which increases the contact stress and further minimizes leakage. The geometry of the E-FLEX™ metal E-ring can be designed to meet the requirements for each unique application and can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • High springback/low load
  • Seal profile and wall thickness designed to control loading and springback
  • Available for internal and external pressure
  • Range of materials (Alloy X750, 718, Waspaloy and other exotic metals)
  • Large and segmented diameters available (>2000 mm/ >78.74 in)

Temperature range: from -273°C to 730°C (-460°F to 1350°F)

Pressure range: 100+ bar (1,450 PSI)

Leak rate: approximately ≤ 25 cc/min @ 50 psig Nitrogen per inch of diameter. The actual leak rate will depend on seal load, surface finish, and surface treatment.

Optional Features:
  • Tribological wear-resistant coatings available
  • Custom profiles and sizes available

Product Applications

  • Aerospace: bleed air systems, AS1895/7
  • Industrial turbines: casings, end covers, segmented sections


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