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Columbia, South Carolina

+1-803-783-1880 HELICOFLEX® Metal Seals
O-FLEX Metal Seals
C-FLEX Metal Seals
E-FLEX Metal Seals
U-FLEX Metal Seals
DELTA Metal Seals
Nuclear RPV Seals
Machined Seals
Sealing Systems

Daytona, Florida

+1-386-253-0628 BELFAB® Edge-Welded Bellows
Bellows Assemblies
Dynamic Bellows Seals
Electrostatic Chucks/Heaters
Textured Components
Advanced Assemblies
Metal Pedestals
Machined Components
Source Assemblies
Hydrodynamic Seals

DeLand, Florida

+1-386-736-7373 FELTMETAL Abradable Seals
FELTMETAL™ Acoustic Materials
Brush Seals
K-Port Seals
Prop Brakes
Ring Seals
Burst Discs
Machined Metal Seals
Machined Bellows
Pressure Relief Valves

Houston, Texas

+1-713-983-4201 PTFE Skived Sheets
PTFE Molded Sheets
PTFE Gaskets
PTFE Rods & Cylinders
PTFE Tapes
Polymer Machined Components
PTFE Thread Seal Tapes
Fabricated Assemblies

Santa Clara, California

+1-669-242-8804 Thin Film Coating

Montbrison, France

+33 (0) 4 77 96 79 80 Molded Rubber Products
Extruded Rubber Products
CEFIL’AIR® Inflatable Seals
FARGRAF® Graphite Seals
JPR Gaskets
GPA® Mechanical Seals
GULLIVER® Mechanical Seals
BIO-GUARDIAN® Inflatable Seals
Plate Seals
Pressure Equipment
Injection Molding
Injection & Transfer Moulded Discs, Tubes, Rings & Plates
Parts Using Melt Processable Commodity & Engineering Polymers
Extruded Plates, Profiles & Rods
PEEK Seals & Rings
Large Extruded & Joined Rings

Pierrelatte, France

(Maestral, R&D Sealing Laboratory)
+33 (0) 4 75 27 39 00 Development

Saint Etienne, France

+33 (0) 4 77 43 51 00 HELICOFLEX® Metal Seals
DELTA Metal Seals
C-FLEX Metal Seals
VITAFLEX® Spiral Wound Gaskets
HELICOCARB® Carbon Brush Seals
(QDS) Quick Disconnect Systems
KENOL® Seal & Joints
Nuclear RPV Seals
Lip Seals
Jacketed Seals

Leicester, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 1162 727411 Moulded Elastomer Seals
Fabric Reinforced Seals
Fire Seals


+65 6759 2335
singapore@technetics.comBELFAB® Bellows
Bellows Assemblies
Plastic Assemblies
Machined Plastic Components
Final Assemblies

Suzhou, China

+86-0512-62921000 ORIGRAF® Graphite Seals