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Analysis & Testing

Static Sealing Testing Capabilities

  • Hydraulic Load Frames for static tests to > 1,000,000 lbs (4500 kN)
  • Servo-hydraulic Load Frames for semi-static tests
  • Test machine capable of dynamically cycling seals at elevated temperatures up to 2000 F (1093 C)
  • "Real World" simulation of environment, displacements down to 0.0005" (0.013mm), frequency to 20 Hz
  • Pressure testing of up to 30,000 psi (2068 bar), inert gas pressure compatible with He & N
  • "Real Time" Load vs. Leakage vs. Deflection
  • Liquid penetrant testing
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) & Faro Arm with laser scanning
  • Telecentric visible light and laser measuring devices
  • High resolution boroscope with image print capability
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing up to 100,000 psi (6900 bar)
  • Gas Flow Leak Testing (flowmeters)
  • Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing (< 1E-09 mbar.l/s)
  • Sealing laboratory that supports R&D
  • Ability to continuously test up to 10 year simulations

Dynamic Sealing Testing Capabilities

  • Our test rigs will help ensure accuracy and safe operation to save you time, money and improve speed of development
  • Contacting and non-contacting dynamic seal testing up to 65,000 RPM
  • Simulation of aerospace engine / turbine conditions for abradable seal testing
  • Acoustic attenuation testing
  • General tribology

Fluid Sealing Testing Capabilities

  • Hydraulic and gas testing
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Pressure simulations to replicate deep sea conditions
  • Vibrational analysis

Support for Advanced Design

  • Design for manufacturing / DFMA
  • 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing
  • Design for Six Sigma
  • Support rapid prototyping and development
  • Simulate real world environments

Advanced Analysis Tools

Our engineering teams are proficient in a number of Finite Element Analysis platforms including:

  • ANSYS®
  • ADINA®