Getting Technetical: Hydrogen-Push Toward the Generation of Green H2

There have been advancements in the research and development of clean energy sources. There are variations in the supply of renewable sources on a daily and seasonal basis. Therefore, there is a need for energy storage when wind or sun is not adequate. Hydrogen has been identified as a potential solution and green energy source.

On this special episode of Getting Technetical powered by Technetics, host Tyler Kern chats with Dr. William Mustain, Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of South Carolina, to help shed more light on developments in green hydrogen research. The two discuss:

  • The various applications of hydrogen, including fuel cells and fuel infrastructure
  • How industry-university partnerships help advance research
  • How advancements in electrolysis research help uncover faster and more cost-effective methods of producing green hydrogen

“The most rewarding aspect of the journey is watching things designed in the laboratory become incorporated into solving real-life problems,” said Dr. Mustain.

Dr. William Mustain is a Professor and researcher in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of South Carolina. He is the Chair of the Electrochemical Society Energy Technology Division and earned his PhD from the Illinois Institute of Technology.