Technetics Group Announces Extended Partnership with CEA

The longstanding partnership between the Technetics Group France and the CEA, standing tall for over 50 years, epitomizes the power of Government-Industry collaboration. The alliance, particularly centered around research and development on industrial sealing solutions, spans across multiple industrial fields. This collaboration is fueled by the joint venture of the Technetics and CEA teams within the Maestral laboratory, located in the heart of Pierrelatte, France.

The prowess in sealing technology is paramount to the reliability of energy transition technologies – including nuclear power, a field where the collaboration’s expertise shines bright. The hydrogen sector, now fully integrated into Technetics’ strategy, also stands to benefit from this mastery of sealing technology. Amid the swift tide of technological and economic disruption infusing all sectors, the conviction of both parties in their mutual need and the relevance and necessity of this partnership has only been reinforced.

From a technological and operational standpoint, this collaborative project can be viewed as the continual evolution of a new generation of solutions centered around the science of sealing. This progression integrates advanced digital and mechanical technologies, as well as the evolution of materials science. This aligns perfectly with Technetics’ vision to become the global benchmark for high-performance sealing solutions in demanding environments.

In August 2023, this partnership took a significant stride forward. Technetics Group, France, and the CEA inked a framework collaboration agreement to extend their partnership beyond the confines of the MAESTRAL Laboratory. This expansion aims to venture into other areas of expertise and operations within the CEA. The symbiotic nature of Technetics and CEA’s undertakings paves the way for a multi-activity collaboration to design and develop innovative solutions. This partnership is envisaged to extend to the other activities of Enpro, the parent organization of Technetics Group, France.