Aerospace Brochure

This brochure provides an overview of Technetics Group products for the aerospace market along with platforms where we have a history of providing excellent products.

Product Overview Brochure

This brochure provides a comprehensive overview of Technetics Group’s product line, offering custom sealing solutions for critical industries.

Helicoflex texturised seal comparison

Helicoflex Texeal Brochure

Technetics Group is committed to providing the highest quality metal seals and sealing systems. We provide seals for use in some of the most critical and demanding applications, including aerospace, nuclear power generation and automotive.

Hydrogen-The Hydrogen Future is Now

Hydrogen has the potential to become a leader in green, renewable energy sources. Join us as Technetics Group sealing experts and industry thought leaders discuss all things hydrogen. Get an inside look at hydrogen industry trends, research and development, and applications.

Ensuring Clean Power Generation for Sweden

Oskarshamn 3 was connected to the power grid in 1980. It has been providing approximately 10% of the electricity needs of Sweden, a trend that’s mostly increasing yearly.

Essential Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage

Long-time Technetics Group nuclear power partner required a unique gasket and seal solution at a second storage site for spent nuclear fuel elements.

Semiconductor Vacuum Pump HELICOFLEX® Case Study

Industry-leading experts in vacuum and abatement in Semiconductor Manufacturing collaborate with Technetics Group to develop efficient solutions that set new standards. 

Semiconductor chemical vapor

Semiconductor Manufacturing Chemical Delivery Case Study

The semiconductor manufacturing process requires the use of highly toxic chemicals. The chemical plant providing these chemicals needed a vacuum-tight seal to transport their product to the semiconductor processing location. Read how Technetics tackled these challenges. 

Critical Sealing For Hydrogen Production and Storage On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, prepare to learn about the challenges and solutions for this exciting green energy source, hydrogen.


Non-Contacting Lift-Off Seal

Qualiseal® non-contacting lift-off seals excel in high-stakes environments where zero leakage and long service life are required, leveraging proprietary and proven engineering design.