Product Overview Brochure

This brochure provides a comprehensive overview of Technetics Group’s product line, offering custom sealing solutions for critical industries.

Ensuring Clean Power Generation for Sweden

Oskarshamn 3 was connected to the power grid in 1980. It has been providing approximately 10% of the electricity needs of Sweden, a trend that’s mostly increasing yearly.

Metal Seals Master Catalog

Technetics Group is committed to providing the highest quality metal seals and sealing systems. We provide seals for use in some of the most critical and demanding applications, including aerospace, nuclear power generation and automotive.

ITER Reshaping Energy Production

ITER-Reshaping Energy Production

The world depends on energy. It has since the dawn of time, and how we capture energy is always changing and evolving. Technetics is proud to be a contributing partner to ITER, a global collaboration working to forever change the way the world produces energy. Technetics Group delivers the necessary metal sealing solutions the project requires to make its vision a reality.


UHP and UHV Brochure

Advanced metal sealing solutions for critical UHP/UHV & cryogenic applications.


Columbia, SC

HELICOFLEX® Metal Seals, HELICOFLEX® DELTA Metal Seals, C-FLEX™ Metal Seals, E-FLEX™ Metal Seals, Machined Seals, Nuclear RPV Seals, O-FLEX™ Metal Seals, Sealing Systems, U-FLEX™ Metal Seals